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Only 2.5 weeks left to help us grow the fighters PRIZE POOL for the end of season TOP 8 tournament! Please konsider donating to it using the donation link at the end of this message. Additional donations beyond our goal help us SECURE the FIGHTERS PRIZE POOL for the next season starting up in 3 weeks!! Any amount helps and thanks to this AMAZING kommunity we’re kurrently at $740/$1000!

 Kurrently $740/$1000 

You kan use the link below titled Donate to help us grow the fighters prize pool!


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RockinPolosW3D13-1 W+3
deadthehypeW2D43-1 W+3
MinahtobiW2D33-0 W+3
emceekilgoreW2D23-2 W+3
ThisGuyFTTW2D13-0 W+3
LankynessW1D43-2 W+3
TigerzW1D33-2 W+2
SiK|RezenW1D22-3 L+0.5
EMPR|MangoW1D13-2 W+2